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The Chemistry Book is a wiki written for high school students located in California or students using the textbook entitled World of Chemistry by Zumdahl, Zumdahl, and DeCoste. All materials were developed to correlate with the Chemistry Content Standards for California.

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Pierre Curie was born in Paris, France on May 15, 1859. He began his early education at home, then later went to the faculty of the sciences at the Sorbonne. He gained his Licentiateship in physics in 1878. Pierre worked as a demonstrator of physics in a physics laboratory until 1882 when he received a position as the leader of all practical work in the Physics and Industrial Chemistry Schools. In 1895 Pierre received a doctorate degree and was appointed professor of physics.

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Absolute zero is the zero point temperature in Kelvin and Rankine temperature scales in which there is no motion. As heat is added to the system then motion increases, and may be measured by a thermometer.
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Barium "Ba" was discovered in England in 1808 by Sir Humphry Davy. It has an Atomic # of 56 and its electron confirguration is Xe 6s2. Its melting point is at 1000k (727' C or 1341' F) and its boiling point is at 2170k (1897’ C or 3447’ F ). Is Solid at room temperature. Its major industrial use is in drilling fluid and its major medical use is in a medical cocktail. Barium is never found free in nature because it reacts with oxygen in the air.
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