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George Stoney

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George Johnstone Stoney (1826-1911) was born in Oakley Park. he made contributions to the study of spectra. Stoney was educated at Trinity College. He was later became a Professor of Natural Philosophy at Queens College Galway. Stoney's most important scientific work was the calculation of the magnitude in the atom/ particle of electricity. Term he gave name to the “electron”. www.universityscience.ie/pages/scientists/sci_georgestoney.php

He also study the nature of the sun. He also gave kinetic theory of gases to the planetary atmospheres. That study had important implications for the other worlds. he became a secretary for queens’s university. http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/S/Stoney.html

For many years George Johnstone, Stoney took an important part in the educational development of his country as a Secretary of the Queen's University of Ireland. He also proposed explanations for the escape of hydrogen and helium from the field of Earth’s gravity and the absence of atmosphere on moons. . http://www.offalyhistory.com/articles/264/1/George-Johnstone-Stoney-1826-1911/Page1.html

He introduced the use of wave numbers into spectroscopy. Stoney retired to London in 1893 and became vice president of the Royal Society in 1898. His work in the field of university administration is noticed by the Stoney Summer School, which investigates matters of science policy and government. He also got a Diploma in Civil Engineering in 1850 at trinity college. He designed a dredging plant and rebuilt nearly 7,000ft of quay walls along the north, south banks of the River Liffey.


Contemporary physics has settled on the Planck scale as the most finable scale for unified theory . The Planck scale was however anticipated by George Stoney. Stoney realized that large-scale effects such as gravity and small-scale effects such as electromagnetism naturally imply an intermediate scale where physical differences might be rationalized. The stoney mass mS (expressed in contemporary terms):

Composite of George Stoney

George Johnstone Stoney was an Irish physicist. He coined the term "electron" in 1891. <ref>Irish Universities Promoting Science</ref>




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