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Xenon is a noble gas.

Who I Am

Xenon, Xe ,


Classification: Nonmetal

Abundance in the universe: Extended to the Martian atmosphere of about 0.08 ppm

My Backstory

When, how, and by whom it was discovered: William Ramsay and Morris Travers (chemist) on July 12, 1898. They found xenon in the residue left over from evaporating components of liquid air.

Origin of its name: Ramsay named it after the Greek word for stranger [xenos]

What it is found in today: the atmosphere, in contains one part of twenty million

What it is used for today: Car lights, powerful lamps, bubble chambers, flash bulbs used by photographers.

Where I Live

My address is 54 on the PT

Period #:5 & Group #:18 on the PT

My family name is Noble Gas

My Vital Statistics

Atomic #: 54

Average Atomic Mass: 131.293 amu

number of protons: 54, neutrons: 77, electrons: 54

number of stable isotopes: 9

My Close Up


Electron configuration

My Physical Side

Colorless, odorless gas. Half a ton is obtained by liquid air every year.

My Chemical Side

Chemical properties

My Movie Star Side [1]

My Tabloid Side 1. The brightness is so strong it could affect your sight 2. Because it’s used in strobe lights that shine like the sun


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