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Unit 1: Atomic and Molecular Structure

Unit 1

Unit 1 is composed of the California content standards 1 and 11 and is completed in five weeks. Each week progresses from the structure of the atom to the periodic table. Textbook chapters 2, 3, 11, and 19 should be read by the students.


Featured Articles For Unit 1

Students interested in earning credit by editing articles should start with the featured articles.

Article #1 Atomic models allow chemists to explain, describe, and predict scientific results. <ref>David Young</ref> A model is a representation of a set of observations and may be physical or visual.


Article #2 Properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers.


Major Topics

Atomic and Molecular Structure (Standards: CH1. a-e)

The periodic table displays the elements in increasing atomic number and shows how periodicity of the physical and chemical properties of the elements relates to atomic structure.

CH1 Framework
CH1 Vocabulary
CH1 Lecture Notes (deprecated)

Nuclear Processes (Standards: CH11. a-e)

Nuclear processes are those in which an atomic nucleus changes, including radioactive decay of naturally occurring and human-made isotopes, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion.

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A quick concept map of some of the ideas studied in Unit 1