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Rubidium is the fourth alkali metal in the row. Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff are the two chemists who discovered the metal. It was found in 1861. It makes fire when it goes in the water. It has one valence electron. It can be revealed in a mineral. Rubidium is a soft, silvery-white, metallic element, ductile. It is very highly reactive.


1861 by Robert Bunsen & Gustav Kirchhoff by a method called Flame Spectroscopy.




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Symbol: Rb

Melting Point: 312.46 K ( 39.31 Degrees Celsius/102.76 Degrees Fahrenheit )

Boiling Point: 961 K ( 688 Degrees Celsius/1270 Degrees Fahrenheit )

Density : 1.53 grams per cubic centimeter

Atomic Number: 37

Group: Alkali Metals (Group 1 ~ S-Block)

Period: 5

Atomic Mass: 85.4678

Phase: Solid

Characteristics: Reacts violently with water

Compound:Most used in:

-Biochemistry to include cells to take up DNA


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