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Periodic Table History

The following chemists were involved in the creation of the periodic table:

  1. Döbereiner
  2. Newlands
  3. Mendeleev
  4. Lothar Meyer
  5. Henry Moseley

In 1869 Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev arranged chemical elements by atomic mass. He predicted the discovery of other elements and left space open in his periodic table for them. <ref>Lenntech Periodic table history 1998 -retreive date 2/6/09 </ref> Mendeleyev is regarded as the primary discoverer of the periodic table. However, in 1868 (a full year before Mendeleyev), a German chemist named Lothar Meyer designed a table of elements which resembles the present periodic table. Unfortunately he did not publish this work until after the appearance of Mendeleev's first paper on the subject in 1869.<ref>Julian Trubin</ref>