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The mole (mol) is the SI base unit that measures an amount of substance and is a counting unit. <ref>Chemisty and Physics. Retrieved on February 6, 2009. Henrickson, Charles. http://www.enotes.com/science-fact-finder/chemistry-physics/what-mole-chemistry</ref> Think of a mole as you would a dozen, i.e. a mole of donuts would keep you and your friends fed for a long time.

In Latin mole means a "massive heap" of material. <ref>Chemistry Explained</ref> A mole applies to an amount containing Avogadro's number of substances. <ref>Molecules and Moles. Retrieved on February 6, 2009. Anne Marie Helmenstine. http://chemistry.about.com/od/atomicmolecularstructure/a/moleculesmoles.htm</ref>

The mole is the amount of grams in one mole of atoms. A mole’s value is 6.022 x 1023. <ref> The Mole. Retrived jan 31 2009. Anthony Carpi. http://www.visionlearning.com/library/module_viewer </ref>

The unit mole obtained its name (Avogadro’s Number) by the man who discovered the mole which was the scientist Avogadro. <ref>Description of the Mole Concept. Retrieved on February 6, 2009. Larry Jones. http://www.sciencebyjones.com/moles_in_review.htm</ref>

The mole is the best and also the most acurate way for measuring the amount of atoms. The gram is the only unit that can do this most efficiantly because of the atoms small size. This way you can tell how many atoms there are as well. How much one atom weighs in a paticular element is called atomic mass. A mole is determined by using the atomic mass and converting it to grams. <ref>Adventures in Ethics and Science. Retrieved on February 6,2009. Janet D. Stemwedel. http://scienceblogs.com/ethicsandscience/2008/10/happy_mole_day_whats_a_mole.php</ref>


  1. The mole is the amount of a substance of a system which contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 0.012 kilogram of carbon-12; its symbol is "mol." CITATION REQUIRED
  2. When the mole is used, the elementary entities must be specified and may be atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, other particles, or specified groups of such particles. <ref>National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2008). Historical context of the SI. Retrieved February 3, 2009, from http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/mole.html</ref>

Chemistry standard CH3, B
1 mole of a substance is 6.022 x 1023 atoms of that substance. CITATION REQUIRED

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