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Archived News

June News

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Information bullet.png June, 2010: News has been moved to WordPress installation as well as wiki edits now show in the activity stream.

Archived News

Information bullet.png November 6, 2009: Opened chemistry videos for easy upload and storage of videos.
Information bullet.png November 3, 2009: Opened TCB Virtual Classroom for the digital academy students

Information bullet.png October 23, 2009: New State website on STAR released questions
Information bullet.png October 19, 2009: Created page for PowerPoints. These are drafts only.

Information bullet.png August 16, 2009: Uploaded all the files for unit 0 and started uploading files for unit 1
Information bullet.png August 15, 2009: Changed the default skin for the wiki
Information bullet.png August 14, 2009: Finally fixed the Edittools.
Information bullet.png August 12, 2009: Created a new forum for problem sets and reading guide questions

July 2009

Information bullet.png July 31, 2009: Created a moved template
Information bullet.png July 28, 2009: Updated forum to AWC 2.5.7
Information bullet.png July 25, 2009: Updated MediaWiki to 1.15.1.; installed Classroom Calendar
Information bullet.png July 13, 2009: Added more elements listed on the periodic table.
Information bullet.png July 11, 2009: Changed the periodic table.

June 20009

Information bullet.png June 18, 2009: Changed the site structure so that the blog loaded first. The Wiki and forum were moved to /wiki directory.
Information bullet.png June 11, 2009: TCB Blog was installed.
Information bullet.png June 6, 2009: The Forums were updated to AWC 2.5.6 latest build.

March 2009

Information bullet.png March 17, 2009: The Forums were updated to AWC 2.5.5 latest build.
Information bullet.png March 16, 2009: The benchmark review guide is now available.

February 2009

Information bullet.png February 26, 2009: The U.S. Academic Decathlon announced chemistry as the science subject for the 2009-2010 competition.
Information bullet.png February 22, 2009: Updated site to MW 1.14.0.
Information bullet.png February 21, 2009: Updated Forum to 2.5.2 latest build, added photos to rotate in header.
Information bullet.png February 20, 2009: Updated skin to fix-width, removed "toolbox" at the bottom of the page, and modified header so images could be added.
Information bullet.png February 16, 2009: Updated site to MW 1.13.4, AWC 2.5.1 latest build, fixed A-Z Index to list all articles in alphabetical order.
Information bullet.png February 15, 2009: Added CheckUser extension.
Information bullet.png February 14, 2009: Changed settings so only users with verified email addresses may edit articles.
Information bullet.png February 9, 2009: A PDF about different chemists from Royal Society of Chemists; added mimetex to build math formulas.
Information bullet.png February 8, 2009: Added an infobox for scientists. See the article on Joseph Black as an example.
Information bullet.png February 4, 2009: Added a column to the footer template to present a list of newest articles on scientists. Also fixed the first column in the footer to remove index pages from being listed. Added who's online with flags at the bottom of each page.
Information bullet.png February 3, 2009: Looking for a free online mind mapping software program? Visit MindMeister today. Coffee: Brain Booster to Go?
Information bullet.png February 2, 2009: Article comments are now enabled. Simply add the code <comments /> just above the footer tag. Go for it.
Information bullet.png February 1, 2009: Articles needing citations have been flagged; Copyedit template was created.

January 2009

Information bullet.png January 29, 2009: Students added several new articles in units 1-3.
Information bullet.png January 27, 2009: Footer template was created. Simply use {{footer}} to add to the bottom of any article.
Information bullet.png January 23, 2009: Header template was added to the forum php file (includes/SpecialAWCforum.php) to provide better navigation in the forums; Added links on glossary page to download MS-Word versions of vocabulary sorted by standards.
Information bullet.png January 22, 2009: Students are completing the gas law online simulations.
Information bullet.png January 19, 2009: China's chemist honored for extraction of rare earth metals.
Information bullet.png January 15, 2009: A document on how to write references for your articles is now available for download.
Information bullet.png January 14, 2009: Seven stupid mistakes teachers make with technology directs readers to this site as "a great example" of how teachers are no longer the sole source of content.
Information bullet.png January 13, 2009: Added a category called Scientists and an infobox using this category; uploaded week one article projects.
Information bullet.png January 6, 2009: The latest version of the forum software was installed; added an announcement for anonymous visitors.
Information bullet.png January 5, 2009: Worked on chemical trivia section; for example, see Karl_Popper. Changed header template to link to Table of Contents, Glossary, and Labs. Cleaned up some of the glossary terms.

December 2008

Information bullet.png December 22, 2008: Added a "Things to Remember" box on some pages; for example, see polyatomic ions.
Information bullet.png December 21, 2008: Added Practice Problems Template; for example, see the table on the right side of the pH scale article.
Information bullet.png December 20, 2008: Added Infobox template for elements; created some element pages and started to add details; enhanced the "Did you know?" section of the main box template so this can be rotated during the year.
Information bullet.png December 19, 2008: Added several new pages: Alkaline Earth metals, Alkali metals, Transition elements, and Representative elements. Also uploaded lyrics to Tom Lehrer's Element Song, images of the California Reference Sheet, and a periodic table.
Information bullet.png December 18, 2008: Added several new pages: hydrocarbons, valence electrons, electron dot diagrams, Chlorofluorocarbons, and Halocarbons
Information bullet.png December 17, 2008: YouTube video embedding is now possible.
Information bullet.png December 16, 2008: Changed start page to Main Page which shows a Featured Article, the Latest News, and the latest forum posts.
Information bullet.png December 15, 2008: Added "Featured Articles" to each of the main unit pages. This provides several articles flagged for adding content.
Information bullet.png December 14, 2008: Added the citation extension
Information bullet.png December 13, 2008: Added the page Chemistry Worksheets. Students will be able to download classroom worksheets and practice problems for each topic. Uploads will happen second semester.
Information bullet.png December 12, 2008: Uploaded the District Benchmark Review Sheet.
Information bullet.png December 11, 2008: Uploaded the Unit 3 review sheet; fixed timezone offset.
Information bullet.png December 10, 2008: Created a quick start guide introducing the website to new users.
Information bullet.png December 9, 2008: Forums were installed.
Information bullet.png December 8, 2008: Featured articles were created by adding templates to the front page.

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